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    Hi --

    I have a number of old computers which require 3.5" DSDD diskettes and
    recently had an opportunity to purchase some of them (more than I will ever
    use, but I had to purchase the entire lot). A friend suggested that I post
    to a few Usenet groups pertaining to machines which have the same
    requirements -- somebody else probably could use some of these, too.

    Here are the details:

    Retail 10-diskette boxes, Certron brand, shrinkwrapped, inner plastic
    sleeve, labels included. Look and act just like brand new. I opened a
    couple of boxes and formatted half a dozen diskettes without incident.

    They're packed in a couple of different-sized cartons: 10-box and 42-box.
    The 10-box cartons weigh 4 pounds, while the 42-boxers weigh 22 pounds.
    I'm in Orlando, Florida, zip code 32810, USA, if you want to get some idea
    of the shipping cost. I'd prefer to ship by UPS but will send by USPS if
    requested. Cost: $1 per 10-diskette box, minimum 10-box order (one
    10-box carton).

    I'll ship them from my company address, so I can accept VISA, MasterCard,
    American Express, or Discover. If you have another payment option in mind,
    please let me know.

    If you want in on this deal, please send a note to glenatacme@aol.com or
    acme@ao.net. I'll reply privately and if you're in the USA I'll include my
    toll-free number so you can call and we can discuss the details.

    BTW I'll be happy to ship internationally.

    Any questions drop me a note at one of the addresses mentioned above.

    Later --

    Glen Goodwin
    ACME Enterprises of Orlando
    Orlando, Florida USA

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