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Discussion in 'rec.music.percussion' started by PeriscopeR, Aug 17, 2003.

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    hey y'all...

    22" Istanbul Mehmet hammered sizzle ride (EXC) $185 shipped
    20" Paiste Sound Creation Dark Medium ride (EXC+) $175 shipped
    Gretsch 80's 22/12/16 $950 (amazing sounding kit!)
    or Gretsch 22/12/16/18 $1450.

    Audio Technica mic pack- 2 "tom/snare" mics and 2 "tom/bass drum" for $125

    4 SIB internal mounts $100

    Shure Beta 52 $125 exc

    Shure VP88 stereo condensor (good for overheads), lists at over $1400.. will
    sell for $500. MINT.

    I can email jpegs of this stuff.

    email: Periscoper@aol.com

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