"A Stamp For Marvin"

Discussion in 'rec.music.guitar' started by Ron Brewington, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. The Los Angeles chapter, Motown Alumni Association needs your
    immediate support by September 15th!!

    We are trying to get a commemorative U.S. postage stamp for legendary
    Motown/Columbia singer Marvin Gaye on what would have been his 65th
    birthday on April 2, 2004....

    We're asking that you send a letter or post card saying:

    "I SUPPORT A STAMP FOR MARVIN GAYE" (then sign it)

    to us at: Los Angeles MAA, 6305 S. La Brea Avenue, Suite 3, Los
    Angeles, CA 90056

    We will then forward your support letter or post card to the U.S.
    Postal Service in Washington, DC in time for the scheduled October
    meeting of the Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee which will determine
    if Marvin gets the stamp.

    The "Prince of Motown" thanks you for your support!!!

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