accidental cool effect

Discussion in '' started by James Kaihatu, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. I was messing around with my effects chain the other day when I put
    my Danelectro Cool Cat chorus between the guitar (Reverend) and my
    Usually I put the chorus in the effects loop, but I only had one patch cord
    arm's reach. I then turned on the gain channel and backed off the gain from
    "Well done" to around "Toast lightly."

    Interesting effect. The shimmer of the chorus turned into a tremolo effect,
    and the guitar sounded on the verge of feeding back (though I don't think it
    was). When I put the chorus back in the effects loop the tremolo was
    much more subdued. The overall effect might be useless (virtually no chordal
    definition, for example) but might be good for a recorded solo.

    A compressor is a cool toy.


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