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Discussion in 'Getting Started/New Member Help' started by VenagE, Oct 25, 2003.

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    i posted earlier this week in the request topic :

    1967 The bobo , it was moved there because i had edited the thread in another topic .

    Now i can't seem to find it , was it deleted ?
    1) i can't find it through (browse all posts by user ((me)) )
    2) i can't find it the MIDIBUDDY Board search either

    Can anyone tell me what happened to the thread plz ? thanks
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    Very likely it was deleted....

    help me here... "1967 The Bobo"... We require that posts in the request forum have ARTIST and TITLE in the subject line or they're simply deleted because of the huge traffic in that forum. Is "1967 The Bobo" a title and artist? I'f I'm just not understanding could you clairfy for me?

    And you say it was "moved there" - do you mean it was moved TO the request forum? Where did you post it originally?

    My curiosity sated I would ask that you simply repost your request being sure that the artist and title appear in the subject line - if you are unsure as to the artist and title toss the idea around in "Artist and Band Discussion" or among the memberage that you ythink might have knowledge.....

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