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    Dear Friends,

    Going to the AES (Audio Engineering Society) Convention, October 10-13, in New
    York City? Want free exhibit passes? Just send your request to

    Or you can call her at 1-800-235-3362 (1-800-BELDEN2). Tell her...

    1. You want AES passes. (We have lots of tradeshows coming up.)
    2. How many passes you want. (Be reasonable)
    3. Name and address to send them to. (No electronic passes yet for the AES!)


    I am putting together the usual AES Internet Dinner. This is definite "Dutch":
    everyone pays for themselves. Since time is running fast, I have picked the
    date and will be working on the place when I get back from Singapore, India,
    China, and Australia (no kidding!) later this month

    DATE: Saturday, October 11, 2003
    TIME: 7:00 PM (assuming the show is over at 6 PM)
    We normally meet in the Belden booth at the end of the show and have
    a brisk walk over. Will advise of our booth number in following

    PLACE: What did you think of the Chelsea Brew Pub last time?

    Alternate suggestions would be appreciated!


    DO NOT REPLY TO THE NEWSGROUP. I may not see it if you do. Of course, you
    could always discuss what a GREAT party this is, how noisy it is, and how you
    call yell (in analog) at the people you have yelled at (digitally) all year!

    SEND: your name
    your guest(s) name(s)
    name of business (optional)


    Look forward to seeing all of you in New York.

    Steve Lampen
    Technology Specialist
    Belden Electronics Division

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