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Discussion in 'Web Sites' started by Tupla-S, Oct 20, 2003.

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    .::Finnish HipHop Midis::.

    Since none of y'all got 'em, I give you a link where to look for them, aight?
    Pikku-G - Romeo Ja Julia
    Don Johnson Big Band - One MC, One Delay
    Raptori - Oi, Beibi
    ReDrama - If You With That
    Don Johnson Big Band - Jah Jah Blow Job
    Beats And Styles - Dynamite
    Pikku-G - Shala-La-La
    Bomfunk MC's - Back To Back
    Bomfunk MC's - Something Goin' On
    Ezkimo - Entinen
    Fintelligens - Kaikki Peliin
    Fintelligens - Sori
    Kwan - Chillin' At The Grotto
    Kwan - Rain
    Kwan - Shine
    Mighty 44 - Mighty 44
    Mighty 44 - Push It
    Spesialisti - Älä Tule Myöhään Kotiin
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