[ANN] iPiano 2.1 public beta for Mac OS X

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  1. iPiano 2.1 public beta is now available for download.

    Update page:

    Direct download link:

    This is a pre-release version of iPiano 2.1. It does not include
    all of the bug fixes or improvements that will be present in
    iPiano 2.1 final. If you would like to try iPiano 2.1 beta, please
    keep in mind that this pre-release software may have bugs
    and instabilities.

    iPiano 2.1 public beta is provided so that iPiano 2.1 final will
    be a better, more stable product. Your bug reports and
    suggestions are welcome!

    iPiano 2.1 is a free upgrade for registered users of iPiano 2.0.

    New features include:
    - Time positioning for playback and recording.
    - Punch-in recording mode.
    - Improved iTunes integration with Send to iTunes command.
    - Merge Tracks command to merge notes from several tracks to
    a single track.
    - Track Loop setting to generate a track by looping a recorded
    segment of notes.
    - New floating Keyboard Map window.
    - New Track Settings window providing control over track label,
    track MIDI channel, loop settings, and track lock setting.
    - Track mixer interface improvements (click-selection of track for
    recording, display of track label, double-click for track settings,
    and live fader response).
    - Better overall application volume for both live playing and
    playback of recorded sequences.
    - Progress window for AIFF export; AIFF export no longer blocks
    the application.
    - Export options to include click track and to exclude measure "0"
    - International keyboard support in the keyboard map interface.
    - French language support.

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