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    : MuseBook Wav2Midi converts Wave file into MIDI file.
    Wave to MIDI conversion is simply Easier and Better!


    [Audio Demo - Compare original Wave file with converted MIDI file]

    The only difference you notice is the voice of instrument.
    In conversion with Electric Guitar Sound(Wave) to Acoustic Guitar(MIDI),
    only timbre of sound has changed. Check Out!


    [FREE Download]


    [Easy of Use]

    - Automatic Conversion without need of complex setting.
    - Multiple File Conversion processing at a time is done sequentially
    and converted MIDI files are saved in designated folder automatically.
    - Play original Wave and converted MIDI File within the application.
    - Change the Voice of Instrument after conversion as you like.
    (128 MIDI instruments selectable)


    [The Real Sound-Realism is Here!]

    AMuseTec's proprietary pitch detection technology tops the list
    and it does the followings during the conversion.

    - Smart Onset Detection and MIDI Note Division by 3 stages using
    strong volume attack, volume change, timbre transition by consonant,
    note change, and etc.
    - Wave File Normalizing : even a Wave file of inaudible sound to human ear
    is processed by boosting and normalizing its volume.
    - Supports wide range of pitch bandwidth : A0 ~ C8
    (Piano 88 keys, 26 Hz ~ 4,500 Hz)
    - Time Resolution per approximate 0.01 sec (11 msec)
    - Supports MIDI Effects : Pitch Bend, Volume Expression and Brightness



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