Any RS7000 owners...?

Discussion in 'Sequencing Hardware' started by shakmandoo, Dec 3, 2003.

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    hi guys, i was the proud owner of an rs7000 :cool: but ended up selling it because i did not have time to play with it enough to justify owning one. (i:mad:

    then i started getting involved with this excellent forum :) and realised maybe i didn't need to start creating all my tunes from scratch - damn, someone lucky sydney ebay-er got it dirt cheap with a memory upgrade and a bunch of extra bits and pieces :rolleyes:

    anyway, what i wanted to know is if anyone is using an rs7000 and how easy it is to import midi files (as per the ones posted here) and how good it is (go on, make me jealous!)

    i am considering buying another one but i want to make sure that i can integrate downloaded midi's easily for my own tweaking and hacking.

    alternatively, can anyone suggest another good unit for this sort of purpose?

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