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Discussion in '' started by GoOsE PiMP, Aug 17, 2003.

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    Hey all,

    I've just started using a midi keyboard with Logic 5 on the PC, so
    I've switched to ASIO for lower latency with my Audigy 2 Platinum

    Problem is, when I have Logic open my other music apps (which use the
    other audigy drivers - not asio) stop functioning. They just wont play
    back any audio, and often my computer just completely freezes up and
    dies. AARGH!

    Does this show some kind of conflict between my asio drivers and the
    other ones? (whatever they may be called), Or is it something to do
    with my buffer/latency settings for asio?

    Perhaps I need a better soundcard? Any suggestions to what might be

    By the way, I have disabled onboard sound (but not uninstalled the
    drivers), so I doubt it's a conflict there?

    Maybe I suck arse, maybe Audigy sucks arse, I really don't know. This
    can't be normal though. Surely you can use the Audigy's asio drivers
    and the same time as the other ones? I mean, that's a must isn't it?
    God dam computers!

    Thanks people!!

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