AWAVE and ACID - Creating Own Banks in AWAVE

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    Sorry im new here, and have spent the last few nites (late ones) trying to work out the following.
    I have AWAVE as everyone said it was cool. I use Acid, and like to add midi. No problem there as I can add DLS files and hear the keys play etc...

    However, Maybe im somewhat thick, but I cant for the life of me create my own sound bank in AWAVE 9.2

    The help files are useless if your a novice, Ive searched the internet for tutorials but none. Please if anyone can just give me a step by step process id be grateful.

    So far Ive opened several wav files in AWAVE. Added new instrument, Layer etc.. Saved As DLS 2 opened in ACID and no sound is heard when playing the keys.. if i switch to any other DLS file (not created by me) the keys play fine.

    Ive tried comparing settings and properties of my dls and those other people have made in AWAVE and cant see what im missing!! Is there a secret button i need to press.
    PLEASE any help or guidance would be appreciated! Or Im prepared to trash AWAVE and buy another piece of software to create sound banks dls style.

    Note I used to manage this process ok about 5 years ago with Vienna SF2 things with my AWE64 Gold card. But guys, i give up im lost now!!!


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