Batch/mass MIDI to WAV converter?

Discussion in '' started by Daffy, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Daffy

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    Does anyone know of a good MIDI to digital sound renderer that would
    support mass/batch conversion? I searched for those and found just two
    suggestions - MidiSyn and Wavmaker. I tried MIDISyn, but it produces
    awful files that don't sound anything like the input MIDIs; I wanted to
    see how WAVMaker would performs, but this one refuses to process
    anything except its own sample MIDIs. (I want something that uses
    soundfonts, not its own patches, so Wingroove or Timidity don't

    Are there any others to try? Of all the MIDI-WAV converters I tried, I
    liked the results of MIDI2WAV the most, but unfortunately, it doesn't
    have batch conversion...
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    I do not know about batch conversion, but Synthfont ulitises SoundFonts superbly, and is capable of either real-time or sped-up conversion to WAV. Download it for free at

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