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    Become a MIDI review!

    The idea here a Pixel Arts is to recruit as many reviewers as possible, so that each review would only need to review one Category, thus fewer songs to review. The goal is to give reviews less work, so that they could give better reviews, hopefully giving the participants the best possible review of there work with quality. We really do want to raise the standard. But it seems hard to get people to review. It really is not that much work , what is harder is choosing which of all the wonderful songs is better. That is a challenge in its self. Having the ability to be unbiased is also a challenge, but if you can be unbiased then you will be a great reviewer. Personal I think musically train people tent to be a little bias because they are looking at a lot more detail in the musical structure, and expect a lot more, which can be good. But we need some reviewers with just a good ear, and are unbiased. There is lots of reading you can do on how to review on “Essays” page at Pixel Arts. You don’t have to be a musician to review. But it would be nice to have a good sound card. (Like SBlive) The More reviews we have the fairer the contest becomes as well. It’s kind of like the old say “the more the merry”. And don’t think that contestants are going to question your reviews and call you names, and give you a hard time, because they are going to. It’s part of the job of being a reviewer. But at the same time they also thank you with undying gratitude, for being able to see, feel, and touch their music. You may also find that you will become more intent on hearing the music, you will find yourself playing the same song over and over to gain more insight into the musical work that you are reviewing. You will discover things about reviewing a musical piece that you never thought possible. You will find common ground in all the styles of music that are presented at Pixel Arts. You will also find feeling in the music you may have never seen before. Each time you review you will want to do more, and if becomes a burden, all you need to do is say to your self “I’m not going to review this month”. But you won’t be able to stop! Because it’s an honor to review. So if you sign up Good luck with all that you do.

    It’s a brave thing we do to review, late into the night.
    It’s a brave thing we say, when we think we are right.
    It’s a brave thing to able to review..

    Reviewer Application :thumbsup:

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