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    This is the first song I ever wrote... I usually write short poems so I'm not sure if it goes together well and such. I would like some help on how I can fix it or anything. I'm open to your suggestions :)

    ** * * * * * * BELIEVE by Patricia (c) 2011
    I can't believe you did this
    I really hoped you tried
    Not to hurt me this way
    But I guess it's all a lie
    I know I should let go now
    But something in my heart says no
    I have to believe that this time
    Our love can truly grow
    Cuz you just can't know what this world will bring
    But inside of me
    You'll always gleam
    ** * * * * * * *instrumental*
    I know this may end badly
    If we try again
    But this time I'm gonna believe*
    Cuz when the ground feels like it's shaking
    That's when you know your hearts breaking
    And it's time to let it all go....
    But not this time*
    I'm really gonna try.... To believe...
    Oh.... Yeah... You just can't know
    But trust in me and you'll see*
    The different side.....
    ** * * * * * **instrumental*
    baby all you got to do is believe*
    And have some faith in this reality
    You can be all I ever need.... Yeah...
    Just believe....
    Just believe, please believe....

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