Best EXS24-compatible drums?

Discussion in '' started by fred ross-perry, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. I am a new, happy Logic 5.x/Mac OS 9/EXS24P user. Doing mostly audio,
    but I've been using EXS24P to create MIDI drum sequences using the
    instruments that came with the Big Box, and some others I've

    I've been creating the drum sequences by hand in Logic. I'm looking
    at the Spectrasonics Groove Control products as a way to speed this
    up, and as
    a source of ideas.

    Can anyone recommend Spectrasonic or some other product that they are
    happy with for this purpose?

    I'm doing Folk/Pop/Rock/Blues singer-songwriter stuff for the most
    part. Looking for a good balance of percussion, drum kits and styles.
    No Hip-hop.

    Thanks for any advice. I've learned a lot (quietly) from this

    fred ross-perry
    san rafael, ca

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