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    i went to see blink live the other day in notingham, uk and they ruled! i was crou surfing when a security gaurd told me to get down and get to the back, i ignored him and dived into the flow of arms later to fall down a mosh pit like a golf ball! serves me right! havin then been stood on a few times i headed for the soundbox to recover. having noticed the box i sudenly rememberd what a mate said erlier on - "y know the sondbox, travis does this **** hot solo from it!" - i was like yer, but remembered that hed been to london, uk to see them. standing there moments later i leant over the side and there poped out travis barker! anly a foot away so i leant out and touched his floor tom! as he caried on rising he reminded me of god! i love travis! ow yer, i also have his drumstick used by him!!!

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