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Discussion in 'Artists/Band Discussion' started by dustikitten, Mar 23, 2003.

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    Hey ya'll! I'm a newbie here and a bass player to boot. I was just wondering- where are all my fellows? Who else here is a Bon Jovi fan like myself?

    If you're a JBJ or Bon Jovi fan try you luck at this test. PM me for the answers when you're done. ^_^

    Bon Jovi Ultimate Fan's Test- by dusti kitten
    • What is Jon Bon Jovi's birthday?
    • What is David Bryan's real last name?
    • Did Bon Jovi ever tour Australia? [this should be a no brainer to most]
    • Does Jon play guitar?
    • How many bass players [featured on the CDs by name] has the band had?
    • What was Jon's last name before he changed it?
    • What is/was Jon's full name?
    • Who is the band's drummer?
    • Who plays the 'talkbox'?
    • Who is the band's Keyboardist?
    • What was Jon's wife's first and last name before they married?

    Try your luck at that- but be sure you don't make it a junk post.. I don't want anyone getting in trouble because of me.
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    Well you arent really from Jersey if you dont like Bon Jovi!!!!!! I love Bon Jovi! Great band!

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