Book: Digital Sound Processing for Music and Multimedia

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    From Book News, Inc.
    Gives information on the nature, synthesis, and transformation of sound which form the basis of digital sound processing for music and multimedia. Provides enough background in computer techniques so that readers can write computer programs to realize new processes central to their own musical and sound processing ideas. Material is organized in free-standing sections for readers coming from various backgrounds. Technical descriptions are preceded by material which sets the music context. Use of mathematics is kept to a minimum. Kirk teaches signal processing and computer-based topics at the University of York, UK.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

    Book Description
    Provides an introduction to the nature, synthesis and transformation of sound which forms the basis of digital sound processing for music and multimedia. Background information in computer techniques is included so that you can write computer algorithms to realise new processes central to your own musical and sound processing ideas. Finally, material is inlcuded to explain the way in which people contribute to the development of new kinds of performance and composition systems.

    Key features of the book include:
    · Contents structured into free-standing parts for easy navigation
    · `Flow lines' to suggest alternative paths through the book, depending on the primary interest of the reader.
    · Practical examples are contained on a supporting website.

    Digital Sound Processing can be used by anyone, whether from an audio engineering, musical or music technology perspective.

    Digital sound processing in its various spheres - music technology, studio systems and multimedia - are witnessing the dawning of a new age. The opportunities for involvement in the expansion and development of sound transformation, musical performance and composition are unprecedented.

    The supporting website contains working examples of computer techniques, music synthesis and sound processing.

    * Written in easy to understand manner, with a minimum of maths
    * Suit readers from a number of disciplines: audio engineering, music technology or computing
    * Supporting website contains practical examples in computer techniques, music synthesis and sound processing

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