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    Covering the gambit from General MIDI to Liquid Audio, this excellent guide explores all of the current and upcoming technologies available for distributing audio over the Internet. The book explores each solution in detail, walking you through the process of creation and deployment, with a focus on the variety of tools you'll need to master. Many of these--plus some general HTML and Java utilities--are included on the bundled CD-ROM as demos or trial versions. Internet Audio Sourcebook discusses the pros and cons of various scripting and streaming solutions--quality versus bandwidth, available user base--in each section. There's even a chapter that serves as a digital home studio primer, introducing basic audio and setup concepts that are essential for preparing audio for Internet distribution and just good to understand.

    The chapter on MIDI is an excellent explanation of an often misused, misunderstood, and much maligned format. You will also find discussions of real-time communication, voice synthesis, and voice recognition. Appendices cover HTML 3.2 and other sources of audio and Internet information, and the glossary provides quick reference for many of the terms used throughout the text.


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