Book: MIDI Power!

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    Book Description
    Seeking to clearly define what MIDI is, where it came from, and how it will be used in the future, this book explores MIDI in depth, presenting information that users need in order to navigate MIDI with comfort and ease. Topics include choosing and setting up MIDI software and devices, identifying different MIDI formats and converting them to non-MIDI formats, synchronization and sequencing, setting up and using virtual MIDI instruments, and applying MIDI editors. Special attention is given to making MIDI applicable to musicians, engineers, and gamers regardless of whether they use PCs or Macintosh G4 computers.

    About the Author
    Robert Guérin is the author of Cubase Power! and is a music composer and teacher specializing in audio technologies at Vanier College. He is the developer of an online course in sound integration in Web pages. He lives in Montreal, Quebec.


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