"Britrock" midi projects; help wanted

Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by bnjiman80, Nov 14, 2003.

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    Hey all

    I am in a band covering mostly indie/rock froms from the 90's. We are using bass/drum and strings midis to backup our guitars and vocal.

    I am trying to create some midis from this kind of style that no-one has done before, for use in the band and for sharing to the rest of the midibuddy community.

    If anyone is also a fan of this kind of music. e.g.

    pulp, stereophonics, ocean colour scene, paul wellar, levellers, starsailor

    and is interested in working together on making midi's, please let me know.

    I am using Powertrax, Cakewalk and my QY-100 which has some pretty decent backing styles to get the drums for starters. Once the drums are ok, I usually add some synth chords on top, and could probably do a rythmn guitar ok on my keyboard. The main problem I have is bass lines! As an electric guitarist I find it very hard to pick out what bassists are doing on original versions.

    So if you are good at picking out bass riffs, and can use XG midis, give me a shout! O if you just fancy trying to do a dual project over the 'net, it could be a good laugh. The XG thing is not that important really, I can take away all that Sysex info.

    Or, if anyone can suggest links for this kind of music, has requests, or wants to share files, email me at bnjiman22@yahoo.com

    Rock on!
    Cheers, Ben

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