Controling synthsoft and MIDI messages

Discussion in '' started by Hugo Villeneuve, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. I am a newbie with MIDI programming and synthsoft so it might be a
    easy question.

    I am using a software using FruityLoop 3.5 that can trigger sounds
    from MIDI messages. I am developing my home made application to Send
    MIDI message to FruityLoop 3.5.

    My problem is this one : to send a note to a different channel, I
    always have to send a PROGRAM_CHANGE message before using the new

    If I send a NOTE_ON on channel 0, then I send anther NOTE_ON on
    channel 1 the last message will be hear on channel 0 if I don't send
    PROGRAM_CHANGE on channel 1 before the NOTE_ON.
    But then, like I read in the MIDI Spec, a PROGRAM_CHANGE cuts off all
    the notes. Basicaly, I cant not play simultaneous note on different
    channel. Is this a limitation of FruityLoop or it just my
    understanding ?

    Any advises will be welcome.

    PS: I am using MIDI Yoke to connect the 2 applications.

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