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    I´m playing harmonica and I´m going to publish an cd. I have downloaded different midifiles wich I have used as backing tracks. I have found a couple of sequensers but I can´t find their e-mail adress or anything else so I can contact them to get permission to use their track, I have also search in harry fox agency and
    US Copyright Office and I cant find either the song or songwriter. I have my files here and the tracks where I have found songname & sequenser I have written credits to them below the track (I can´t find their e-mails or other info).
    I have change name of a couple of tracks and now I can´t find the original name so it would be great if you could listen to these songs and see if you can recognize them so I can get in contact with songwriter/sequenser and ask for permission to use their track. I don´t think that any of the tracks below has copyrights but I feel that I must at least give songwriter/sequenser credit for their artwork, so please contact me if you can recognize any of the tracks.
    Custom Built Blues Remix
    Jazz remixed
    Midnight Blues remix
    Swing remix
    Diatonic remix
    Fast solution remix
    Deep Down in the blues remix
    A touch of harp remix
    Metallic Blues remix.
    I have worked hard to find songwriter/sequenser but it is almost impossible to find them so I have been thinking of "best effort" clause in the copyright statute which
    states that I have made a serious effort to locate a copyright holder,
    and have been unable to do so, and proceed without a license.

    All the best

    Peder Pedersen
    Älvans väg 96
    907 50 Umeå
    Phone nr : 0730412958
    Welcome to my homepage
    Peder´s HarmonicaBluesBand
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    :: Moves to Chit Chat ::

    :nono: Stop douple posting :nono:
    One post in one Forum is sufficient.

    This is actually a good question - I have wondered a few times about this, but do not know that answer.

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    Please, pass the information on when u find out.

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