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    hi guys,

    i had a hilarious experience at home depot. I special ordered 10
    sheets of 1" thick, 2x4 owens corning 703-705. it was about $50.
    that sounded about right to me, because most sheets of 2x4 stuff at
    home depot usually costs about $2-5 each sheet.

    but when the order came in, they had delivered 10 *boxes* of 25
    sheets. 250 sheets! i was wondering why the guy in the back was
    taking so long to get one silly box. but he came out with this giant
    forklift. i didn't even think it was my order because it looked like
    refridgerators stacked upon each other!

    home depot was like "well, they already shipped it so if you want it
    you can have it". i couldn't in all honesty take all that, so i told
    them to try to ship it back to the supplier. but then they called me
    two weeks later and they were like "we're wondering when you want to
    pick up your order". and then again i was like "i already got my
    stuff, that was a mistake, blah blah blah"

    it was the classic "Stonehenge" skit in Spinal Tap where they made the
    stones 12" instead of 12' tall.

    but then i started wondering if 703-705 really is that dirt cheap?
  2. Devo 2

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    There are 6 -2'X4's in a box of 703. approx $24 a box.
  3. Dale

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    About 18 months ago I bought several boxes of 703 in both the 1" and 1.5"
    variety (2' x 4' panels). Home Depot told me they could NOT order it, as did
    two other big building supply retailers in the Twin Cities, but one local
    industrial materials wholesaler had lots in stock.

    The 1" came in boxes of 12 ($4.16 / panel inc tax) and the 1.5" came 8 per box
    ($5.60 / panel inc tax).

    Perhaps Home Depot would have ordered a larger quantity . . . say, 250 sheets.

    Oddio Guy

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