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    Could you be more specific?

    To my knowledge, the film(?) Moulin Rouge has a soundtrack if compilations of songs that were performed in the past.

    Here's the soundtrack: (

    Lady Marmalade (Christina Aguilera/Pink/Mya/Lil' Kim)
    Diamond Dogs (Beck/Timbaland)
    Children Of The Revolution (Bono/Gavin Friday/Maurice Seezer)
    Nature Boy (David Bowie/Massive Attack)
    Le Tango De Roxanne (Cast/Jose Feliciano)
    Because We Can (Fatboy Slim)
    Sparkling Diamonds (Nicole Kidman)
    One Day I'll Fly Away (Nicole Kidman)
    The Rhythm Of The Night (Valeria)
    Hindi Sad Diamonds (Nicole Kidman)
    Your Song (Ewan MacGregor)
    Elephant Love Medley (Ewan MacGregor/Nicole Kidman)
    Come What May (Ewan MacGregor/Nicole Kidman)
    La Complainte De La Butte (Rufus Wainwright)

    from what i can remember, the song was performed by Crawford Randy & The Crusaders, so here's the song:

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