Cubase SX and Acces virus B SysEx prob

Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by el_klepac, Jan 20, 2004.

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    Hear this,

    I used to work with Cubase 5 and an Opcode Studio 128X Midi patchbay. I recently upgraded to WinXP and found a driver for the opcode (No patchbay program but interface works allright!).

    My songs (all Midi, no audio) that I wrote on Cubase 5 work fine on SX... EXEPT the SYSEX DATA!!

    When the song starts, SX transmits SysEx Data to the Virus B. When this process is busy, the whole Sync is wrong!! I hear that my Korg Electribe is out of Sync! This was NOT the case in Cubase 5. The virus receives the SysEx data so I don't think it would be a filter problem. THIS DID WORK ON CUBASE 5 WITH WIN98!!

    Could this be a Cubase SX/WinXP problem? Or maybe the driver for the Opcode?


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