DP4 problems

Discussion in 'comp.music.midi' started by brucecoughlin, Jun 17, 2003.

  1. I'm having a number of problems with DP4 on OSX and haven't heard back from
    MOTU on them.

    MAS won't connect to the Digidesign CoreAudio driver (v 1.2). Keeps giving
    me errors so that I can't escape the alert box until I change audio to
    Built-in. The error I get trying to connect to Digidesign HW (MIX) is:
    MasAudio CoreAudio error !hog[560492391:1]

    Save as Template doesn't work.... It keeps coming up to some other New
    Template (I guess derived from one converted from OS9). Even when I make
    changes and get it the way I want, then Save as New Template (which appears
    to go OK), when I choose NEW from the file menu, this other older template
    comes up. Happens repeatedly.


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