Drummer playing to sequences: What's your rig???

Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by swingrays, Jul 18, 2008.

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    My band just brought on a new guitar player and he has a sequencer he used in his last band. We've tried it and it sounds great. We use a Triton standard keyboard. I've been using Westone earbuds for awhile now and I'm good with the clicktrack. I sing lead vocals and I thought I might have trouble making it all work, but it's been cake.

    I bought a little mixer so I can have my own stereo headphone mix. I have a bass guitar line out, a mic on the guitarists cabinet, separate line outs for the click and keyboard tracks and a line out from our PA with a submix of just vocals and my bass drum.

    From there the mix goes into my little Boss MICRO-BR where i can add compression or reverb if I want and even record the gig! I plug my earbuds into this.

    How is everyone triggering the start of the sequences? I need a fast, indiscreet and safe way beside my guitarist doing it for me. I really don't want that big ass keyboard beside me all night.


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