ebay: hihat pogo stick

Discussion in 'rec.music.percussion' started by Steve V, Sep 2, 2003.

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    Steve V wanted everyone in rec.music.makers.percussion to know that
    > This made me laugh...

    you've never seen those before? tama used to market them, if i'm not
    mistaken. weird, yes; but then again I don't play a double bass-drum
    setup and I can imagine it's pretty useful there.


    "you're an electronic girl...i'm a rock guy...i don't think we have a
    chance." - storm&stress
  3. Sam Savoca

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    Re: hihat pogo stick

    I thought you meant the "Oompa" stick that some polka aficionados use.


    Sam S.

    "Steve V" <svallee@ihpc.net> wrote in message
    > This made me laugh...
    > http://shorl.com/duludrijyfupu
  4. John P.

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    Re: hihat pogo stick

    "Steve V" <svallee@ihpc.net> wrote in a message

    > This made me laugh...

    Laugh it up funny boy. I've been looking for exactly such a thing. :)

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