External SbLive! not transmitting or receiving MIDI

Discussion in 'Sequencing Software' started by Blindliquid, Jan 24, 2005.

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    Hi, everyone. I'd like to preface this question by telling you all that I am losing my mind, alienating myself from loved ones, and imagining crushing planet earth between my fingers. I appreciate any and all help you guys can give me.

    The problem: The external port on my SBLive! card recently stopped transmitting and receiving MIDI signals. The card plays them fine internally. The answer may lie in my Cakewalk settings, although there are so many of them, I'm still uncertain. The strangest part is that I don't remember changing any settings right before this problem occured...one day it worked, nothing the next.

    What I'm using: Windows XP on a Dell Pentium 4; SBLive!; Yamaha PSR-520 keyboard; 15 pin MIDI interface; Cakewalk Home Studio 8.03.

    Troubleshooting I have done to fix the problem: Tested Yamaha keyboard and MIDI interface on old computer (worked instantly and flawlessly, so it's not the Yamaha keyboard); selected the correct MIDI ports inside Cakewalk and Windows MIDI music playback settings; enabled all sliders inside Windows volume control (as well as muting and unmuting); reinstalled Cakewalk and SbLive!; restored SbLive! and Cakewalk to default; looked in hardware profiles for alerts (everything checks out); tested sound card; ran SbLive!'s diagnostic program (everything checks out); waited until restart in situations that required it (as well as ones that didn't specify); updated ATI drivers (just in case); updated Windows (including a SBLive! WDM update); obviously ensured MIDI leads (out and in) are configured correctly; reinserted SBLive! card; in hardware profiles, enabled the following SBLive! settings: checked "use MIDI features" on "MIDI devices and instruments," and selected "use mixer devices" under mixer devices (even though I'm not using a mixer).

    Many thanks to those who soldiered through that paragraph. I also tried updating my SBLive! card, but the Sound Blaster website couldn't find it on my system, which is ridiculous, as Windows had no problem integrating its own SBLive! WDM update on my system. This might have something to do with the problem, as the driver's last update was 4/2002. I also wonder to what extent new builds of Windows Media Player and its ilk have on sound card performance.

    Thanks again for hearing me out...any advice you have to offer will keep me one step away from the grave.

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    sblive help

    Just a thought. . did you disable the onboard sound in your bios?
    Hey I'm trying!

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