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    I will be sending a list out just like this one every month and a
    half or so. i am in the los angeles area. if you would like to be added to my
    mailing list, please let me know.

    Thank you, Jason

    12 space rack- no front or back covers $40.00

    2 space black rack drawers (heavy duty) $40.00 each 2 avail

    Access VIRUS b synth $950.00 obo

    ADA MP1 tube preamp for guitar. Good condition. $200.00 obo

    AKAI MPC 2000 XL, excellent condition, w zip drive, extra memory, SMPTE
    $1,050.00 obo

    akai MPC 2000 w/extensive, diverse drum library, full RAM upgrade
    $750.00 obo

    AKAI MPC 2000 studio, drum sampling machine w zip drive, excellent condition w/
    32 megs $750.00 obo

    Akai mpc 3000 clean like new $1,850.00 obo

    Akai MPC 4000. 256 Megs RAM, 60 gig HD, digital interface card, fx card, CD-RW.
    Perfect condition with box and manual. 1000s of great sounds too! Forat drums
    cd they charge $300 for that alone $2,000.00

    Akai MPC 60 II drum machine/sequencer/sampler mpc60 $800.00

    AKAI MPC60, mint condition, 12 bit, that punchy sound, like new,
    $950.00 obo

    AKAI S1000 sampler. In mint condition comes with manual $175.00

    AKAI S 2000, WITH CD ROM DRIVE. max ram, works great with akai cd's

    alesis ADAT Blackface, works great, lots of hrs $200.00

    Alesis ADAT. Recently serviced by Alesis. Only 905 hours on the head. Great
    sound/perfect working order $250.00

    3 Blk Adats in gd condition, original owner, heads just cleaned
    $250.00 each

    alesis ADAT XT.. great cond. min use, hardly any hours $300.00

    alesis adat xt's (4) $300.00 each

    ALESIS ADAT XT 20, 20 bit 8 track digital recorder, great condition, low hours
    $500.00 obo

    ALESIS andromeda A6 keyboard $1,400.00 obo

    alesis brc $250.00

    alesis brc $325.00 obo

    Alesis D4 drum module $160.00

    ALESIS DM 5 drum module $225.00

    alesis monitor 1's , studio monitors $150.00

    Alesis quadraverb 2 Multi-effect processor. Very flexible with many uses and
    configurations. Sounds great. In good condition -- no rack ears

    Alesis Quadraverb 20K bandwidth Digital Effects Processor $150.00

    alesis qs 6.1 w/ hard case and manual $500.00 obo

    Alesis QS 7 Keybaord $450.00

    Alesis QS 8 synthesizer, keyboard. 88 keys, 64 voices, 16 midichannels
    $700.00 obo

    alesis sr 16 drum machine w/ reverb $100.00

    Alesis X2 studio mixer in good condition with manual included $2,250.00

    Aphex Compellor. High-end dual compressor/gate that compresses with a slow
    response so that the result doesn't sound compressed $450.00

    Amek Tac Scorpion 24x16x2-Classic British console-many extras $2,100.00

    Arp Axxe Model 2323 in excellent condition. Cool older analog synthesizer
    $400.00 obo

    "Bittree 96 point TT patchbay, digital quality, excellent condition.Purchased
    new three years ago, installed but never used." $750.00 obo

    "Boss BR-8 Digital 8-track recording studio, built in guitar & track effects
    processors, 64 virtual tracks, superb sound quality, perfect cond."
    $425.00 obo

    BOSS DR 660 Dr Rhythm: great sound, include hundreds of high-quality
    percussions, 400 presets patterns-Rock,Pop,Latin,world and more.

    boss se 70 $200.00 obo

    Casio CZ-5000 good condition $200.00

    Crumar Bit 01 3 space rack analog poly synth in great condition with manual
    $300.00 obo

    DBX 576 ''Silver Series'' COMPRESSOR Vacuum Tube Preamp/Compressor. Excellent
    condition! $600.00 obo

    dean markley pick ups 'tranducer kit. Permanent mount acoustic pick up $25.00

    Digidesign Pro Tools HD1 w/96 I/O. Used only three times. perfect condition W/
    "Reverb One" Plug in $7,500.00 obo

    "Digitech 21 Legend Guitar rackmount processor with midi foot controller. Very
    well constructed unit. Ability to customize effects! Effects Processor!"
    $300.00 obo

    digitech whammy 2 pedal $125.00

    digitech whammy xp 100 pedal $100.00

    Doepfer triple res filter $200.00 obo

    "EMU-E5000 Ultra.128mb Ram,9-Gig SCSI internal drive,Ext SCSI interface. Loaded
    with Samples!Must Sell! " $600.00

    Emu E6400 Ultra sampler. External CD Rom drive, owner's manual, and 10 sample
    Cd's included. Excellent condition $650.00

    EMU ESI 32 Sampler $200.00

    Emu Audity 2000, some light wear, no manual $325.00 obo

    Emu Ultra Proteus, Morpheus with 91 more filters (288) more waveforms, more
    outputs $325.00 obo

    EMU Proteus 2 rack mount sound module. Excellent shape $200.00

    Emu Proteus 2000 Great Condition $450.00 obo

    Emu SP 1200 sampler. Great condition, black anvil case and drum kits included
    $1,150.00 obo

    ensoniq asr 10 RACK fully loaded $700.00

    ensoniq ASR 10 rackmount sampler, fully expanded memory, original manuals and
    disks, 8 outputs, great effects $600.00

    ENSONIQ ASR 10 keyboard sampler work station, perfect condition
    $650.00 obo

    ensoniq asr 10 keyboard  loaded     w/ output expander   $800.00

    Ensoniq ASR-X sampler with 2 outs $500.00 obo

    Eventide H949 Harmonizer. Very clean, classic unit in good working condition
    $325.00 obo

    Eventide H 3000 D/SX $1,000.00 obo

    Fatar Studio 900 88-key weighted piano action MIDI controller, mint condition,
    in studio use only $300.00 obo

    FOCUSRITE Red 7 pre amp, microphone pre w compression & dynamics, microphone &
    line level input, like new $1,650.00 obo

    GMP roxxie SS bass candy apple red sparkle, mint w/ case $1,500.00

    Ibanez SDR 1000+ - Digital reverb and Delay $225.00 obo

    Korg Electribe ER-1 Rhythm Machine, programmable Drum machine loaded with
    features $175.00

    Korg i3 Workstation w/added accessories; stored arrngments bcking sequences
    Midi etc. original manuals; original owner, great no smoke condition
    $650.00 obo

    korg M1 Like new condition $600.00

    "KORG mini korg 700s...This old analog synthesizer belonged to John Paul Jones
    (Led Zeppelin)" $1,000.00 obo

    Korg MS 2000, mint condition, w soft case $600.00 obo

    Korg O1WFD w/ extra sounds $600.00 obo

    KORG prophecy, Armenian style, excellent condition, analog keyboard mint
    $525.00 obo

    "Korg Trinity Pro X in great condition! 88 note weighted keys and famous Korg
    sounds." $1,500.00 obo

    Korg Trinity V3 Pro 76keys w/Moss expansion and Anvil case,16 trk seq,manuals
    $1,250.00 obo

    Korg Trinity wrkstn kybd exclnt cond. great synth & drum sounds
    $950.00 obo

    Korg Triton LE 61 Keyboard Workstation. In new condition with box

    Korg Triton Rack/ Sampler w/ manual. In great condition. $1,000.00

    Korg Triton Rack with with Future Loop Construction and Dance Extreme. I
    installed the extra cards, tested everything and then never used the unit.
    $950.00 obo

    KORG TRITON 61key Workstation Sampler with MOSS Expansion Card and SCSI....
    $2,000.00 obo

    KORG Triton Pro 76 key music workstation/sampler in perfect, out-of-box
    condition. All documentation, manuals, pedal, x-stand $1,600.00 obo

    "Korg Wavestation EX, many xtra sound cards, quad memory card, anvil case, foot
    pedal" $500.00 obo

    Korg Wavestation SR. studio use only. Great condition $400.00

    korg sdd 2000 $225.00 obo

    KORG x5d keyboard, perfect, mint condition, rarely used $450.00

    "Kurzweil K2000S keyboard/sampler for sale. 61 note keyboard in good condition.
    Used only in home studio. Includes manuals, stand, gig bag, & pedal."
    $1,200.00 obo

    "Kurzweil K2500 RS.w/ROM 1, ROM 2, Piano ROM, P-RAM2, 2 gig hard drive, 68..."

    Lexicon Alex effects unit $100.00

    LEXICON LXP 15 reverb $350.00 obo

    "Lexicon MPX 500 Reverb Multi effects unit. This Piece is almost brand new only
    been used twice." $350.00

    LEXICON PCM 41 digital delay, classic sound, great working order & price, w
    manual $500.00 obo

    Lexicon PCM 42 $1,100.00 obo

    LEXICON PCM 70 $800.00 obo

    "Line 6 POD v1. Excellent shape, low hours. Has original manual andwarranty
    card" $175.00

    Mackie 1202-VLZ Mixer. Small, clean and easy to use. 4 Mic, 2 Aux ea, 12 ch
    tota $250.00

    "Mackie 32x8x2 mixing console no meter bridge, never gigged, smoke free studio
    use only, will throw in casefor power supply." $1,200.00 obo

    "Mackie 32x8 Mixer.Exelent condition with desk.Never moved, always
    covered,studio use only.Great sounding board; 3yrs old. HURRY!"
    $1,400.00 obo

    Mackie 32x8 8-bus console w/meter bridge $1,800.00 obo

    Mackie 32x8 bus mixer $1,150.00 obo

    Mackie 32x8 console with 24 channel sidecar extender console. Both with Mackie
    stands and power supplies. No meter bridges. Smoke-free exc cond.
    $2,300.00 obo

    "Manley dual mono mic pre - good condition, though has some scratches on
    top/bottom from racking. Differs slightly from the current production run of
    DMMPs." $1,500.00 obo

    "Manley VoxBox. Mint Condition!!! 2 years old. Used in climate controlled
    smoke-free pro studio. See Manley website. High gain VoxBox.Two for sale."
    $2,650.00 obo

    morley volume pedal $20.00

    Motion Sound Pro-3 $325.00

    Nord Lead 2 Keyboard w/expansion card, great custom sounds and soft shell case.
    XLNT cond $700.00

    Nord lead 3 synth like new,This unit came with manuals, a semihard bag,power
    cable, new sounds and the lastest OS version $1,250.00 obo

    Novation A-station for sale. In mint condition. Studio use only, had it for
    about 3 months. $350.00

    Oberheim OB-Xa Excelent condition!!!! MIDI Vintage $1,100.00 obo

    onkyo double cassette tape deck, model hx pro ta-rw 400 $40.00

    onkyo stereo power amplifier, model m 5000, used in recording studio, I think
    100 watts $100.00

    Rocktron Hush IICX noise reduction unit, rack mount, great for guitar or P.A.
    works great $100.00

    Rocktron Intellifex multi efx unit. Original version. MINT $225.00

    Rocktron Intelliverb.virtual room reverb.great for studio or live. guiatr
    players take notice.tons of fx $400.00

    Roland FP1 Digital Piano Includes Hard case.Excellent condition.Also has midi
    capabilities. $700.00

    Roland JUNO 106 $300.00

    Roland 760 Sampler, matching Atari video monitor, mouse, manual, excellent
    condition $350.00 obo

    roland A-50 w/ flight case $550.00 obo

    roland d 50 w/ 1 card $375.00

    Roland D-550 Rack Linear Synth Module w/PG-1000 Programer $400.00

    Roland D-550 $300.00

    "Roland DEP 5 Digital effects Unit. Multiple Effects, MIDI switchable,
    simultaneously. Works great. Manual included." $150.00 obo

    roland gp 16 - multi fx processor $180.00 obo

    roland gr-1 guitar synth. with manual and pick up. works great $350.00

    Roland JP-8000 $500.00

    ROLAND MKS 70, classic analog synthesizer, original owner w manuals

    Roland R8 mark 2 Drum machine hardly ever used $400.00

    Roland RA50 Midi Intelligent Arranger/composer-Auto/man Arranges/composes

    Roland RD 1000 keyboard $950 obo

    roland RSP-550 $235

    Roland S770 sampler with memory upgrade &mouse $350.00 obo

    Roland SDE 1000 Digital Delay Unit. Outside has some scratches but still works
    good $125.00

    roland TB-303, great condition, no power supply runs on batteries, carrying
    case, copied manual email me for pics

    Roland V-Drum Kit. TD-8 Module W/ black PD-7 & PD-9 pads, FD-7 HH & KD-7. Also
    includes 1 mesh PD-120 pad for snare. Great Condition. Original Owner
    $1,300.00 obo

    roland vk09 electric organ $250.00 obo

    Roland VS-1 Vintage Synth module. $200.00 obo

    Roland VS1880 24bit digital workstation,6gig HD, CD burner(32x4), VS8F-2 effect
    card, travel case. Maunuals included $1,100.00 obo

    Roland VS1880 24 Bit Digital Workstation w/ effects , CD Burner, Hard Shell
    Case, Manuals, perfect condition $1,350.00 obo

    Roland VS 880 Digital Recorder. With effects expansion card. $425.00

    Roland VS 880 EX. 8TR hard disk recorder. 2 fxcards, scsi, auto mixing,ez to
    use, plug and play, guit modeling. Have ALL manuals $450.00

    Roland VS1680 dig.16 track. One FX card installed-10 GIG upgrade-QPS dedi

    w/ Cd burner $950.00

    Roland vs 1680. 16 track digital recorder w/ effects cards $750.00

    Roland VS1680 w/2 effects cards, CD burner, video, manuals 3.2 gigs

    Roland VS-1680 x-panded. W/efx $800.00

    "Roland XP 80 76 keys,ALMOST NEW, 4 EXP slots, 64 polyphony,16 part
    multitimbral, 40 + f/x, GM midi, 16 track seq, real time seq,Manual, "

    Roland XV-3080 module, barely used $600.00

    Roland XV 5080.Fully loaded.Smart media card(never used).Mint condition
    w/manuals $1,300.00 obo

    Sequential Circuits PROPHET 5 classic analog synth, fine condition, rev 3.3,
    MIDI retrofit capable, micro-tonal tunable, orig manual, orig owner, anvilcase
    $1,400.00 obo

    snarlin dogs "Blues Bawls" Wah pedal, new in box $85.00

    Sony DPS F7 studio digital dynamic filter. Balanced Analog ins/outs. Great
    condi $400.00 obo

    "Soundcraft Spirit 8 Professional mixing console 24x8x2manufactured 1995-ish
    hardly usedcomes with pro ATA approved Anvil road case cost 900 alone! board
    cost 6000" $2,300.00 obo

    "Soundcraft 6000 pro analog studio console 40x24x2,36 inputs w/mic pres,2
    stereo inputs,tt patch bay,optifile automation,meter bridge,vg cond,manuals"
    $5,200.00 obo

    "Studer A827 multitrack recorder w/remote control, used 7705 hours, still
    original heads, good condition" $15,000.00 obo

    "TC Electronic Triple C stereo compressor - like new, still has plastic on LCD,
    manual" $200.00 obo

    "tc electronics m 2000 studio digital reverb/and multi fx units. dual engine.
    top notch studio verb. buiklt in harmonizer." $650.00 obo

    TASCAM Portastudio, 488 MK2, 8 track cassette recorder, still im box
    $325.00 obo

    tascam 688 8 track cassette $325.00

    TASCAM DA88, digital recorder, mint condition, SY88 sync card & manual
    $600.00 obo

    Tascam DA88, was in non smoking professional environment $500.00

    Tascam DA88, used in professional non smoking environment $400.00

    Tascam DA 38, great condition, original owner, manual & cables
    $350.00 obo

    Tacsam M-1600 professional recording console $450.00 obo

    TodorFisa Accordion, Brand New , Retail price $12.000 $6,000.00 obo

    Trek-2 UC1A pre-amp $225.00

    yamaha a4000 sampler w/ 10 gig hd,32 mb ram(upgradeable to 128) ext scsi cdrw,
    10 samp cds,orig pkg and manual $400.00 obo

    yamaha AN1X SYNTHESIZER $350.00

    Yamaha CS6X, All manuals and software, dent and scratch deal functions
    perfectly $535.00 obo

    YAMAHA DX7 synthesizer, 2 cartridges $275.00

    yamaha keyboard with carrying case and accessories, includes stand
    $150.00 obo

    Yamaha Motif 6. Like new only 9 month old. $1,100.00 obo

    "Yamaha P-80 keyboard. Like new, weighted keys, easily transportable. Includes
    stand and cables." $750.00 obo

    YAMAHA REV 500 digital reverberation. This reverb had been sitting in my rack
    for a year never been used, no scratch $300.00 obo

    "YAMAHA SPX 90 digital fx unit. +4/-10 in/out. Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flange,
    Harmonizer, Pitch Shift, Gate, and more. Excellent working condition. "

    YAMAHA spx 90 $180.00

    yamaha spx 900 (2 avail) $450.00 obo each

    Yamaha SY77 keyboard, excellent cond.,ram card,breath control,patch
    chords,keyboard stand $500.00 obo


    any langner
    boss rc-20 loop station
    boss se 70
    dbx 166 A's
    Dynacord CLS 222 leslie simulator
    emu proteus 1 xr
    guitar pedals
    korg a 1
    korg a 3
    korg sdd 3000 or 2000
    korg triton
    lexicon jam man
    lexicon vortex
    line 6 pod xt
    MXR Pitch Transposer
    Roadcases for Marshall bottoms, and heads
    roland a 50 midi controller
    roland A 80
    roland A 90
    roland d 550
    roland jv 1080
    roland jv 2080
    roland mks 80
    ROLAND SDE 3000  
    roland vocoder
    roland xv 5080's
    sony DPS D 7
    tc 2290
    TC Electronics TC 1210 Expander   
    yamaha ns10m's
    yamaha rev 7
    yamaha spx 900
    YAMAHA SPX 990
    88 key workstation/elect keyboard or 76 key with decent acoustic piano samples.
    Mackie 808S



    thanks, jason.

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