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    This auction is for the Evolution Music Creator 149 MIDI Controller

    This is the number one selling MIDI keyboard and software package in
    the world. A winner of 7 top magazine awards, the MK-149 is now
    established as the most popular choice when it comes to PC music

    For pictures and more info please take a look here:

    This keyboard features:

    49 full size, touch sensitive keys
    pitchbend wheel
    modulation wheel (assignable to all standard MIDI controllers)
    volume slider
    program and voice change buttons (transposer, octave, banks, channel,
    9 preset/memory buttons 3 digit LED display
    and more!

    also included is a a connecting cable (not pictured) that hooks up to
    your PC's soundcard (which powers the keyboard as well), and a CD of
    software. The back panel features a standard MIDI OUT jack and a
    sustain (hold) pedal input jack. The connecting cable which is
    included goes from the standard MIDI Out jack at the back of the
    keyboard, into the Joystick Port on your computer/soundcard.

    Additionally this keyboard can be powered via an ac adaptor or
    batteries (neither of which are included in this auction)

    Good luck and if u have any questions feel free to email me

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