faders in midi mixer/inspector do not move when cc 7 (volume) and cc 10 (pan) are recorded

Discussion in 'comp.music.midi' started by O_Zean, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. O_Zean

    O_Zean Guest

    cubase sx problem: I record CC 7 and CC 10 data into cubase sx and the
    faders do not move


    Was just wondering. I can record volume 7 volume changes into my midi
    tracks, but the faders in the inspector view do not change or move.
    The same ampplies with PAN. I wish I could see the faders move in my
    midi mixer and in the inspector view. If i rewind my just recorded
    midi track, I can hear the volume go down and I can hear the left andr
    right pan, but the numbers and faders do not move along with it.

    How can I cahnge this? What controllers do the graphical faders use?
    Or can they online be chaged realtime with the use of a mouse?

    that sucks

    ps: i heard you can do this in sonar. In my old cakewalk 6, each time
    I changed my volume wheel, i could see the volume faders move on my

    I wish cubase sx could do this.


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