Finale Guitar 2003 - Layers?

Discussion in '' started by Leif Holmgren, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. Hello group!

    I'm trying to help a friend to learn using finale guitar, but we are
    experiencing some strange behaviour).

    When we want to write notes in a second voice we click on the digit in
    the lower left corner to go to layer 2. Then all notes from voice 1
    disappear from the systems. As far as we can se from the manuals we
    should still be able to see the notes from voice 1, and the only thing
    that should happen is that voice 2 notes should become red as they are

    If we write the notes anyway and then go back to layer 1 (voice 1) the
    notes we wrote wont show, nor do they end up on the paper when we print.

    I have looked in all menues I can find but have found nowhere to change
    this behaviour. There was some option-dialogue where I could change the
    color for the notes of each voice, but as far as I could tell this only
    changed the foreground color and did not change the fact that only one
    layer is shown at a time.

    Does anyone have any idea of what I should look for?

    With best regards
    Leif Holmgren

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