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    An attempt... no chorus just straight verses...

    secondly started of without a first being
    someone I wasn’t, these niggas bawlin on the floor
    Rollin in to these pins, out strikin …
    Against these corps who putting away my trees
    Whippin their ass with these greens
    To survive aint humane no more
    Like a cannibal lickin his fingers off his plate…
    Yeah man sh1t gets crazy when yer dumb
    Don’t burn yo cells, theres my peeps
    Meltin away yellow after years behind these bars
    You catchin up to my services yet?
    Don’t spell check my sh1t
    It’s a list of food, goin away to another planet again
    Heres another vacation b
    The next ones free
    So grab this coupon, tear by the lines
    Double yellow, don’t cross
    Don’t ask, the bathrooms out of order man
    Took a sh1t on this paper,about two hours back
    Yeah im wishin to pass
    Prayin to stand out
    Only fightin for this paper
    Aint gonna get you a soul
    Give in man theres another comin to you
    Grab it from the left
    Pass it to the right, this sh1ts illin like a cough
    Purple flowin down your nose
    Heres another one comin for yo hoes:

    That wasn’t a skill, these colors
    Runnin out from this bottle
    Jumpin into the river below
    So dark now wheres the light
    Let me take out a second to see
    All this green makes me seen
    by these reds and blues and oh sh1t
    my eyes are breakin loose
    widenin’ now
    son do you see?
    These purples and reds
    Ugh man what the ****…
    Were u thinkin bringin in that *****
    Dontchu know how it works B?
    Don’t let her shame bring you down
    This pussys hangin loose
    His necks startin to fall off
    Always walkin round with this
    I meant something else
    It aint what you see
    Don’t u know how it works B?
    This soups got your letters
    Spellin out your peace,hope you rest
    This bullets headin your way
    Your names carved in it
    Open ur mouth
    Try to catch it with your teeth
    This boats rockin…
    Your bodies fallin off
    Your stop’s here man
    No headstones out here
    Ill see u at the bottom man
    When these drugs wear off
    Damn man…
    This’ll just dampen this style
    Im not tryin nothing new
    Im just tryin to walk this mile;
    The light that’s leavin these
    Tunnels , leadin to this train that’s
    Your Headlevel times three
    Coming your way man
    Move out the way man
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