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    I am selling most of the stuff I don't use......
    Alesis MicroVerb(1)
    ART Tube MP(1)
    Boss OD-2(1)
    Boss OD-3(1)…
    Chandler Tube Driver(4)
    EH Small Clone(1)
    Fulltone FD-2FM-*NIB(1)
    Ibanez DL-10(1)
    Ibanez PT-9(1)
    Ibanez TS-9DX(2)
    Ibanez Tube King TK999US(1)
    Ibanez PT-707/PT-II(1)
    Ibanez TS-9 Silver label/MIJ(1)
    Korg 105d(1)
    Marshall Bluesbreaker(1)
    Marshall Drivemaster(1)
    Peavey AOD-2(1)
    TW Tube Driver(1)
    TW Real Tube(2)
    TW Shred Mega Tube(1)
    Zoom GM200(1)
    Boss GT-6(1)
    Carvin Quad-X(1) 4-channel Stereo Preamp/w FS-77 footswitch

    JBL 123D 12' Gold label speakers(2)
    Jensen 1010 10in speakers (2)
    Any reasonable offer may be make an offer!!!
    Please email me with any questions/offers.
    **Shipping to Lower 48USA ONLY.**
    **Payment by Postal Money Order ONLY.**

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