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Discussion in 'rec.audio.pro' started by Christos Tsantilis, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. Top notch STUDIO GEAR BLOW OUT!!!!!!
    Asking Price:
    Condition: Mint
    Age: N/A
    Very high end studio gear used for short periods of time
    at a commercial recording studio in Manhattan. All gear
    professionally maintained and well kept. All gear is in
    pristine condition and sound AMAZING!! These
    are some super pieces that pains me to let go of, but I
    need to pay the bills. I have pictures of all the gear, and
    the original boxes and documentation for most things.
    Email me for details. Serious Inquires ONLY. NO
    TRADES. All gear is available to test out if you're nearby

    PMC AML-1: bryston bi-amped self-powered super HIFI
    studio nearfield monitors. $3000/pair

    Chandler LTD-1: Neve 1073 mic-pre/EQ hand-wired
    reissue. Like new, 3 available. $2000 with PSU per unit

    Chandler TG-1: EMI-reissue compressor/limiter.
    Beatles/Abbey Road original compressor/limiter similar
    to a Fairchild 670 without tubes! This is a Stellar unit.
    Serial # 001. $3300 with PSU

    Mackie HR824: Studio monitors $900/pair

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