FS: Sonor S-Class, NOS 20-10-12-14 Made in Germany

Discussion in 'rec.music.percussion' started by Tony Hillhouse, Aug 29, 2003.

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    Hey gang--

    Well, I screwed up and forgot to put a reserve on my reserve auction, but
    there's already a few bids, so I'm gonna let it run its course.


    No reserve, apes. Somebody's gonna get a killer deal on a great set of
    drums methinks...

    These are fantastic sounding drums. I have two other sets of S-Class drums,
    they really sound huge. These are thin (5mm toms, kick not so thin 8mm)
    100% maple, no reinforcement hoops. These are referred to as "second
    generation S-Class", because they're not the first generation birch/maple
    combo. Check www.sonormuseum.com and go to "catalogs" for the complete
    rundown of these.

    Thank you for your attention and consideration...


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