Gatemouth Brown/ Was:Must See Blues?

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    "Jason" <> wrote in message
    > i myself have never heard the man's music..... but the man himself, at
    > least from this interview he conducted with Guitar World back in the early
    > 90s, seems like a real asshole..... i could be wrong, of course.

    He gets pissed off being pegged as a "blues" guy, mostly because it limits
    his options as a player.
    I guess he considers himself more of an "American Stringed Instrument
    Musician". Fluent in many idioms ( not the least of which is blues, Texas
    style) and instruments,and fiercely independent.

    Obtain "Okie Dokie Stomp", at least.
    He's no Buddy Guy, that's for sure. And that isn't a slam on Buddy, or on
    He's getting on in years, as all those guys are. Catch 'em while you can.


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