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    The topic is exactly where I'm at with this feature. Here's a little bit about me that may help you understand me a little better.

    I've been playing since I'm 14 (50+ years now). I sing, play guitar, and play some keyboard. In all those many years I have not had any experience with midi . I know nothing about it. With that said here's what I'm hoping to accomplish.

    I want to begin to use and understand midi. I'm semi retired now and writing and recording (which I have been doing most of my life). However technology has advanced but I haven't.

    I have several guitars and 2 keyboards. I have a Korg Sgprox and Kurzweil 2500 (the Kurz is dead at the moment). Both of these keyboards are midi capable.

    I am currently playing and recording via Behringer XR 18, using XR Edit to a laptop running Windows 10 into Reaper.

    First Question What do I need to get started?
    Thanks to all,

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