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    ok as I never send a happy birthday I want this post to be a Haooy Birthday post, for all the people that had/havind/had their birthday, so consider yourselves, saluted, hihihi :thumbsup: :p Anyone else that want to wish the same just post here, simple and easy! Hope you enjoy yourself as an onlder version, remember,

    0-12-Not enouth attention, yet the pulling cheek routine with the old people and well just plain crule people to pull cheeks thinking it is so adorable Parents where never kids(Boys are yuky)

    13-Hey you are now considered to be a teenager, some people are paying some attention to your rebelion, parents are from another dimension, their to antique like the dinausaur bones in the back yard (Boys are of another planet)

    14-16-Confusing time, wanna get older (boys are still from another planet but hey I want me one, and I want a Mr.Right whatever that is)

    17-19-The teen is fadding, but still present, and any inocensse you had, hey you learn more stuff in biolegy them at home, happy to finally be older, parents don't seem to understand that so as them you get older and are no longer a kidy , just like when you where a pre teen, they still don't understand and they are from way before the dinausaurs where invented (boys are still from another planet, but then again so are you, you want the Mr. Right, and I kinda know what that is)

    20-25-Neet I'm finnaly the right age, can't seem to do the same stuff more because I'm embareced hey I don't play catch anymore, imagine, me há, parents are wierd, I'm never going to be like them (want a Mr. right have a list of requirements, we defenitly, come from way distant places, but others lived somewhat near)

    26-28-Oh no I'm getting old, I need a husband, where is Mr right when you need one, had to cut the list in segments, hay no guy ever has more than 3 requirements, man I wish I was a few years older, what dam planet are they from, sexisterian, I can't beliave all the ones I want are taken, oh, _I wonder if that will fit me

    29-35-Where is that guy I guess I'll setlle for the next man I see, okey maybe the second, or the third, well it isn't , my fault I don't like the coundown, I wish I was a teen again

    36-47-Who, me? it isn't my birthday, (maybe if I skeep a few they go away and I'll stay this age, man I need a diet, okey maybe after this box of chocolates, and this chocolate, ice covered with... okey maybe next year

    48-54-I'm like my parents, and my kids are like me, the same I told you so routine, litlle snorts, married mr.right, as if, mr wrong, if more into the truth, I guess if you take, the him being mr wrong out he is okey, who am I kidding, I think I was going to diet arround now~? nah, must have been the voices in my head

    55-60- Dam grand kids, and my kids and the howl freeking, procreating bunnies, they never listen in my days it was differant, we litened to our parents, we dieted, we did things wright, where did I go wrong, oops, my teth fell out again, hope the dog brings them back faster than last time, when he....

    60-... If your still alive you will have lurnt that what you aquire is wisdom, and are now intelligent with lots of aquired knolege, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, oh shut up I'm talking, you dumb ass.... gtcha

    Oh incase you didn't notice, this wasen't for real just to pass the time and give something creative and fun. remember, it is knolege you aquire, and you will look back and wonder and ask why... but hell like goes on and wile you have a life, live it out, have fun, but don't forget, don't cross the line, rules are ment to be bent, just don't break them, as you might not find a 24 hour store that sells bren I regreat rule tape, quick fix or so!

    Hope I didn't put you to sleep!

    C'ya :cool:

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