Heartbreaking project setback...

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  1. Rob, I've done business with Sam ever since he started a long long time ago,
    way before you ever discovered him. I know he's a nice guy and he's always
    been nice to me and vice versa. I just disagree with his method of applying
    the wrap since everyone knows that taping can lead to bubbling problems. The
    reason he recommends the wrap method is because it is the easiest way for
    the new customer. I also know that he is aware that wrap is usually taped
    only on the manufacturers' cheap drums and glued on the more expensive ones.
    Care to explain why that is Mr. master drum builder?.

    I and the other 900 people who you think are obsessed with you are just
    humoring you, Rob. Calm down and go practice your sight reading so you can
    play some of the pro gigs. By the way, DON'T EMAIL ME ANYMORE !!!!

    George Lawrence
    George's Drum Shop
    1351 S. Cleveland-Massillon Road #21
    Copley, Ohio 44321
    330 670 0800
    toll free 866 970 0800

    "If thine enemy wrong thee,
    buy each of his children a drum."
    -Chinese proverb

    "BlueM0ZARK" <bluem0zark@aol.com> wrote in message
    > Lil' Robbie, the rmmp hate monger spewed forth from his diseased piehole:
    > < What is so sad now is that George has let his obsession with me turn him

    > a Sam Barnard basher.Sam is one of the nicest and most honest guys

    > For George to keep making up lies about Sam's business is pathetic.>
    > For the record, Filthboy - I've never seen George personally badmouth Sam
    > Barnard, only the drum wrap tape method. Common sense will tell *anyone*

    > only a dumbass would use tape to hold drum wrap.
  2. BlueM0ZARK

    BlueM0ZARK Guest

    < Calm down and go practice your sight-reading so you can play some of the pro
    gigs >

    schuh will never play *any* pro gigs. He knows this and everyone else knows it.
    Even if he was musically capable (which he isn't) his reputation and attitude
    precedes him.

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