How do I convert QY700 pattern styles to Yamaha Arrang.Keyboards PSRS710, PSRS650?

Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by ReefMusic, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Hi All,

    I am thinking of buying a Yanaha Arranger Keyboard like the PSRS650 which seems to have the same functionality as the QY700 in terms of sequencing but I feel like its missing some of the nice styles that the QY700 has got. Also, the QY700 is better in the sense that the styles are totally fully programmable. However the PSRS650 doesn't have a MIDI out connection so I would need 2 keyboards for when I go out for live gigs which is awkward.

    The PSRA2000 has the MIDI connectors but is at least $400 more expensive.

    It would be great to export QY700 styles to PSRS650 or PSRS710 formats. I am a programmer and I would be happy to make a program to do that but i would need the specifications of the file formats. But then again maybe there is some cheap software that already does that.

    Any ideas?


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