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    I realized that on the chiptune and 8-bit scene is pretty big, but good old fashion MIDI is lacking with only a few artists on there. I was thinking we could network on and jumpstart some life and free advertisement for us original midi artists. since offers internet radio that plays songs based on musical similarities, if we organize ourselves we could get some interest generated. Here is what we would need to do as artists:

    1. upload mp3 versions of your MIDIs using the music manager (see below)
    2. tag your songs (meaning label them as specific genres such as "midi" "lo-fi" "video game music" "8-bit" "chiptune" etc.
    3. download's scrobbler (a program that keeps track of the mp3s u play)
    4. exchange mp3s with each other and play each others' songs
    5. tag each others' songs with above genres on and add some of each other's songs to our libraries

    completing all these steps will allow us to get on the internet radio faster with the way is setup, if you are familiar with you know what I mean.

    Any takers on getting a MIDI community established on

    (if you have a account already, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for "other sites" and go into the music manager, here you can setup an artist account for yourself. If you do not have a account you will have to get one before you do this).

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