How "real" can midi guitars sound

Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by fidelio, Oct 2, 2005.

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    The funny thing about the tabbing software Guitar Pro is that guitar tracks don't sound much like guitar, especially electric guitars .

    That is Guitar Pro v1-v4 .

    According to the maker of Guitar Pro, that will change in GP5, due to be released in November, with the implantation of the Realistic Sound Engine (RSE), as can be heard in the following 3 samples of electric guitar created with GP5:
    (Listen to the Wah-Wah effect at 43sec)
    (Using Global Reverb all through and Wah-Wah at 1min 22sec)

    The gp5 files will still be small as gp4 files (usually under 60KB), but when the RSE is activated in GP5, guitars will sound like what you hear in the samples and you can record it as mp3 .

    Guitar Pro is a cheap notation software, which can make karaoke as well, there is virtually no learning curve as with Cubase or Sonar . If you understand the interface and know how to change the instruments and volume of each track , just enter notes or tab notations then play it back .

    With one click you can also switch your drum track to choose among the 128 drum kits.

    I'm no salesman for Guitar Pro, I'm just happy with the few bucks I paid for it (version 4) and got an easy-to-use tool for creating midi & kar .

    If the guitar can be improved as they promised and showed off in the above samples, I think you guitar people might want to wait until next month for a trial version at their web site .
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    Guitar to midi converter

    Hi do you have to have a guitar to midi converter for use with Guitar pro. I have a shadow sh075 bought it a few years back and have only used it once. Could do with diggin it out again and trying it out. Any suggestions.



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