How to allmost completely TOTAL a £900 colour lazerjet printer in about 30 seconds

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    read this: something that happened today that may interest you

    for those who don’t Know, I work in a printer shop re-filling peoples ink/toner cartridges and fixing printers after others stupidity….erm….I mean have accidentally broken there printer

    How to destroy a £900 colour lazerjet printer, the Richard "Villa" Oliver way

    1st when you have to go down to the college library to use there colour lazerjet printer, leave your CD walkman in the class so you class-mate who works in a printer shop feels he has to come down and return it to you.

    Once classmate has found you, send your work to the printer and while classmate is standing by the printer waiting for his work to come through, instead of putting the paper into the paper-feed normally, Jam 50 sheets in the spools and do not stop even when the printer lights up "PAPER JAM".

    when classmate takes the printer apart, stand there laughing as he gets covered in all kinds of coloured power (the toners)

    when printer-fixing classmate has re-assembled printer and sworn at you for jamming it in the 1st place, neglect to mention that you haven’t put any more paper in the paper tray, so printer fixing classmate is there for another 1/2 an hour trying to work out what the hell is wrong now...while you continue to stand there and laugh.

    when other classmates want to print in colour, let printer-fixing classmate tell them to send it to the inkjet printer while you bugger off back up to the main classroom. remembering that the inkjet printer is slow as HELL

    When printer fixing classmate comes back up into the main classroom, allow teacher to break the news to them that they need to print off all there other work in colour then have the nerve to say "Don’t break any more printers"

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