How to change the midi instrument in a midi file

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    I'm creating a midi file with Reason4 which I need to be played back by the built-in MIDI synthesizer of my mac (mac OS X)

    The problem with Reason is that it only exports midi files on channel 1, so all I'm getting is the basic piano sound. I need a different instrument sound, so I've been trying (for 2 days full time now!!) to find a simple software that imports midi files, and exports them with a MIDI instrument of my choice, embedded in the MIDI file.

    That sounds easy! but it's not for me! I don't have a main professional audio software like logic or pro tools, so I've been trying dozens of freeware with "so-called" MIDI capabilities but none of them can do this simple task.

    There must be an easy way to do that I, your help will be very appreciated!!

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