How to import/export files with a Yamaha PSR-260

Discussion in 'Sequencing Software' started by meagain, Jul 27, 2003.

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    Hi all

    I've tried to get my Yamaha PSR 260 work together with Cubase 5.0 SW. Unfortunately I found out that my keyboard doesn't have a local on/off button. In the Reference book to Cubase it says that it Cubase must be able to exchange data between keyboard and computer who don't have a local on/off button as well.
    It says that in this case you mustn't enable "Midi Through".
    Well...what a wonder, it doesn't work with this settings as well.
    I can't believe that it's that simple though. That's why my question is:
    Does anypne know how to connect a keyboard w/o
    local on/off to Cubase???
    Is there any other Software, wherer I can do this w/o having trouble withe the missing on/off button???
    I'd be glad if anyone can help me with this!

    Mfg Isabella
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    Have you got a midi cable attached to the joystick port? It should have a midi in and out which go into the opposite on the keyboard. Cubase should have an option to allow midi in for recording and to set it as midi out for playback rather than the soundcard. In the keyboard on the function button (transposed etc) should be the midi parameters which you can set. The keyboard should be able to respond to the midi. Also check the spec at Yamaha website. I'll see what else I can find.

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