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Discussion in 'General Sequencing' started by Gandalf, Oct 5, 2002.

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    There's lots of advice and discussion on the boards about what equipment and software to use for sequencing. But.... I need something more.

    I have a Yamaha keyboard and use Cakewalk to produce MIDI files for it, but I don't start from scratch. I always take previously sequenced midi files and customise them, mix and match tracks, add lyrics etc, until I get what I want. Obviously I have an ear for music, but I can't play any instrument... not even a tambourine. The only keyboard I'm skilled with, is my PC keyboard.

    I'd really like to sequence my own stuff, but just how do you start?. I mean what is the recommended process?. Any tips?

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    I always start on the drums. The very first note you here struck, whether it be a tap on the hi-hat a hit on the cymbal a thump on the kick drum or whatever, you enter that in. Then the next note you hear enter that in. Then the third and so on. It is that painstaking but worth it. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it.
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    Hi !!!

    I would strongly recommend that you buy a cheap midi keyboard and start getting familiar with chords, midi after touch, etc.

    Sequencing gives you this advantage:

    YOU DO NOT HAVE TO be a keyboard wizz to make spectacular sequences. Why ? because sequencing allows you to review, hear, edit, change, delete, add, etc. every single note you record.

    One thing I do when I'm trying to "play" any instrument solo is reduce play/record speed down to the point I can play it without mistakes.

    After I am satisfied with what I have recorded, I return play/record to its normal speed and hear it. If I like it, I keep it, if not I record it again and again and again until I'm satisfied.

    You PC keyboard is NOT the best way to try to express yourself.

    I have been sequencing since 1993 and still hear (download) new sequences that I cannot think of the time it took to reach the point of perfection I'm hearing.

    I play drums, keyboards, guitar, bass and flute. I have a BS degree in computer science and I have not figured all out.

    Sequencing is the process of putting, what you have in your head, in your ears.

    Start with the harmonies. They are simpler (depending on the kind of music that you are trying to sequence).

    Then continue with either percussion or melodies.

    ALLWAYS use some kind of metronome when recording. It will help you keep yourself in tempo.

    There are lots of chord diccionaries for keyboards, guitar, etc.

    Try some diccionaries. Sometimes another unknown chord "might" help get what you hear in a better direction.

    Hope this helps.


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